5th Grade Social Studies
Social Studies
Etowah County Schools has adopted the USA Studies Weekly series for 5th grade students. This series is a newspaper based resource. We supplement our curriculum with other resources and projects throughout the year. 5th grade also participates in the Liberty's Legacy civics program from August to November. 

Week 1: World/US Geography
Week 2: US States and Regions
Week 3: American Indian Nations
Week 4: How Did It All Begin
Week 5: Spanish and Portuguese Explorers
Week 6: English and French Explorers
Week 7: Dividing the New World
Week 8: Early English Colonies
Week 9: New England Colonies
Week 10: Middle Colonies
Week 11: Southern Colonies
Week 12: Slavery in the Colonies
Week 13: Mounting Tensions
Week 14: Declaring Independence
Week 15: The Revolutionary War
Week 16: Growing Pains
Week 17: The Constitution
Week 18: Plans for the New Government
Week 19: Government of the People
Week 20: Louisiana Purchase
Week 21: War of 1812
Week 22: Early Westward Expansion
Week 23: Westward Ho!
Week 24: Industry vs. Agriculture
Week 25: Conflicts and Compromises
Week 26: The Civil War
Week 27: The War Continues
Week 28: Reconstruction