Student Code of Conduct

Etowah County Schools Student/Parent Information Guide And Student Code of Conduct

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Unexcused Absences/Truancy Policy

Child Absent
*Automated phone call to parent/guardian from the school reporting absences and requesting a written excuse for the absences.

2 Unexcused Absences
*Intervention- Meet with student 

3 Unexcused Absences
*School Administrator contacts parents for a conference

5 Unexcused Absences
*Referral to Early Warning

7 Unexcused Absences
*Petition filed with Juvenile Probation

Additional Unexcused Absences
*Contact District Attorney's office for prosecution

To find more information on attendance please refer to the Student Code of Conduct above.

SCHOOL DRESS CODE The Etowah County Board of Education promotes an environment where students can dress comfortably. Proper standards of dress and grooming are expected of all students at all times. As a general guideline, any manner of dress deemed inappropriate or disruptive during the scholastic day and/or during the practice for, or performance in, extracurricular activities will not be allowed. The school administration has the authority to determine whether or not a student is in compliance with dress code regulations. The parents/guardians should supervise the manner of a student’s dress.
1) Headgear including, but not limited to hats, caps, headbands, sweatbands, bandanas, visors, do rags, hoods, and sunglasses, must be removed upon entering the school building and shall be properly stored.
2) Hair must be clean, combed, and well-groomed. Hair must not be in the eyes of the student or impair his/her vision. Appropriate safety precautions must be observed in all classes. If long hair is a safety hazard, students will receive directions from the teacher/instructor. Eye protection may be required in some classes. Whenever a student’s hairstyle becomes a disruptive issue, the administrator will address the problem on an individual basis. Etchings in the hair are unacceptable. Facial Hair must be well groomed.
3) Insignias, buttons, and clothing that are suggestive (alcoholic beverages, tobacco, vulgarity, nudity, drug-related, etc.) are not permitted.
4) Clothing or other items that may inflame racial tension, incite a significant group of students in the student body, and/or depict any form of hatred/disrespect of others shall not be worn.
5) Any hairstyle, clothing or pattern of dress or other items that identify a student as being a member of a gang, or could be perceived as a threat or represent a hate or subversive organization are prohibited.
6) Chains, which are connected to clothing, are prohibited.
7) No piercing, other than the ear, is acceptable. Ear gauges are not allowed.
8) Pants/jeans and other articles of clothing must be clean with no holes.
9) Gym pants/shorts should only be worn during physical education class. (secondary and middle schools)
10) Revealing clothing may not be worn at any time.
11) Students must wear clothing in the manner for which it is designed. Pants/jeans must fit properly and be worn to fit at the waistline with the length no longer than mid-shoe level.
12) Over-sized, baggy clothing is prohibited.
13) Students must wear proper undergarments.
14) The length of all articles of clothing, as well as slits in articles of clothing, must be appropriate for school wear and in no instance shorter than 3” above the top of the knee. This includes, but is not limited to, tops, sweaters and dresses worn with leggings, jeggings or tights. The administrator/designee will determine compliance.
15) Shoes must be worn at all times, and shoes designed to be laced must be laced and tied.
16) Baggy coats may not be worn inside any school building.
17) Shoes may not contain any type of wheel or roller blades.
18) No sleepwear/pajamas or house shoes (unless deemed a school sponsored event)
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