Course Outline (1)

8th Grade English ~ Wagnon Grade English

1st Nine Weeks

*Monday: Short story reading or close reading passages and writing; Vocabulary practice 

*Tuesday: Grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary practice

*Wednesday: Vocabulary Test; reading and writing

*Thursday: New unit of vocabulary; grammar and sentence structure

*Friday: Close reading and writing


This is a TENTATIVE course outline that may change along the path of the year. This outline must stay in your notebook and should be consulted often. It is intended to help you be prepared for class and to help you study.



Each student’s nine week’s grade is determined by averaging total number of points earned by the total number of points possible.

Bonus points are available from time to time for various school projects and assignments. Do not depend upon bonus to improve your grade.


WEEK 1                Introduction to 8th Grade English

August 8              Talk about READING – “Somebody Wanted But So” Time Ordered

                              Apply plot structure to a novel

                              Plot Structure Quiz

                              Vocabulary Terms - Unit One

                              “My Reading Territories” – Establish

                              “My Writing Territories” – Establish

                              *Notebook, Journals, Literary Terms Definitions*

                              INTRO TO CLOSE READING


WEEK 2                Sentence Structure – “Wagon Sentences” (better than diagramming) J

August 15            Grammar: Nouns, verbs

                              Vocab Unit One Test

Write strong sentences

                              Vary sentence structure

                              Label it – invert it – insert new phrases

                              Write a short story from wagon sentences inspiration

                              Begin Unit One from Prentice Hall Literature Book

                                             Fiction Elements and Nonfiction

                                             Stated and Implied Central Idea P. 17       

                              Lit Book – “Raymond’s Run” (p.28) (OR CLOSE READING PASSAGE)

skills: summarizing, retelling, predicting, applying plot structure

Lit Book Grammar Link: Proper and Comma Nouns (p. 52)

Time Permitting: Pre-AP: “Cub Pilot on the Mississippi” p 64 (OR CLOSE READING PASSAGE)

                                            “Gentleman of Rio en Media” p 58

Literary Elements: Irony, Infer, Fiction, Non-fiction, Conflict and Resolution, allusion, plot structure             



AUGUST 22         Must have Fever, 1793 novel in class this week

                              Intro to Fever, 1793

                                             Webquest - history

                                             Literary Elements:  predicting, foreshadowing

                              Vocab Unit Two Test

                              Grammar: Concrete, Abstract Nouns; Possessive Nouns – Lit Book p 107   

               Pronouns, Adjectives

               Beginning Narratives – Notes





August 29            Vocab Unit Three Test

                              Reading Fever, 1793                      

                              Grammar – Adjectives & Adverbs

                              Narrative Writing Unit                   

                              Read exemplar narrative writing examples. “Tell about a time…”

                              Identify nouns, verbs, and pronouns in passages

                              Narrative writing topics and titles

                              Writing small! Narrative writing presentation

                              CLOSE READING              


WEEK 5                Vocab Unit Review Test (1-3)

Sept 5                   Reading Fever, 1793

                              Grammar – Run-On Sentences, Comma Splices, Fragments

                              Finish Narrative Writing

                              Peer Editing

                              Share Narratives

                              CLOSE READING


WEEK 6                Vocab Unit Four Test

Sept 12                 Reading Fever, 1793

                              Compare and Contrast – Venn Diagrams

                              CLOSE READING


WEEK 7                Vocab Unit Five Test

Sept 19                 Reading Fever, 1793

                              Close Reading   

                              Grammar and Sentence Structure              


WEEK 8                Vocab Unit Six Test

Sept 26                 Reading Fever, 1793

                              CLOSE READING

                              Grammar and Sentence Structure


WEEK 9                Vocab Unit Review Test (4 – 6)

Oct 3                    Finish Fever, 1793

                              Fever, 1793 – Final Test


                              Early Release Day – October 5th