7th Grade Mathematics Syllabus


Tentative Schedule of Topics to be Discussed
  (Schedule is subject to change)

Week 1:  Order of Operations & Properties of Numbers (CCSS:  NS1d)

Week 2:  Translating Words into Math & Simplifying Algebraic Expressions (CCSS:  EE1, EE2)

Week 3:  Comparing and Ordering Integers (CCSS:  NS1)

Week 4:  Integer Addition and Subtraction (CCSS:  NS1, NS1b, NS1c)

Week 5:  Integer Multiplication and Division (CCSS:  NS2, NS2b, NS2c, EE4)

Week 6:  Equivalent Fractions and Decimals & Ordering Rational Numbers (CCSS:  NS3)

Week 7:  Adding, Subtracting, & Multiplying Decimals (CCSS:  NS1, NS2)

Week 8:  Dividing Decimals & Solving Equations Containing Decimals (CCSS:  NS2, NS2b, EE4)

Week 9:  Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers (CCSS:  NS1, NS2a)

Week 10:  Dividing Fractions & Solving Equations Containing Fractions (CCSS:  NS2b, EE4)

Week 11:  Rates & Proportions (CCSS:  RP2. RP2a, RP2b)

Week 12:  Solving Proportions (CCSS:  RP2, RP2c)

Week 13:  Proportions in Geometry (CCSS:  RP2, RP2c, G1)

Week 14:  Slope and Rates of Change (CCSS:  RP1, RP2d)

Week 15:  Direct Variation (CCSS:  RP2, RP2a)

Week 16:  Estimating with Percents (CCSS:  RP3, EE3)

Week 17:  Percent of Change (CCSS:  RP3)

Week 18:  Applications of Percents (CCSS:  RP3)

Week 19:  Box-and-Whisker Plots (CCSS:  SP2, SP4)

Week 20:  Populations and Samples (CCSS:  SP1)

Week 21:  Introduction to Geometry & Classifying Angles (CCSS:  G5)

Week 22:  Line and Angle Relationships (CCSS:  G5)

Week 23:  Congruent Figures (CCSS:  G2, G5)

Week 24:  Perimeter and Circumference (CCSS:  G4)

Week 25:  Area of Circles and Irregular Figures (CCSS:  G4)

Week 26:  Volume and Surface Area (CCSS:  G6)

Week 27:  Introduction to Probability (CCSS:  SP5, SP6)

Week 28:  Sample Spaces (CCSS:  SP7, SP8)

Week 29:  Making Predictions (CCSS:  SP7, SP8)

Week 30:  Combinations & Permutations (CCSS:  SP8)

Week 31:  Probability of Compound Events (CCSS:  SP8a)

Week 32:  Solving Two-Step Equations (CCSS:  EE1)

Week 33:  Solving Multi-Step Equations (CCSS:  EE4, EE4a)

Week 34:  Solving Inequalities by Adding or Subtracting (CCSS:  EE4)

Week 35:  Solving Inequalities by Multiplying or Dividing (CCSS:  EE4)

Week 36:  Solving Multi-Step Inequalities (CCSS:  EE4, EE4b)


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