Grading Procedures

Grading Procedures

A student’s grade will be based upon the following assessments:

Tests (approximately 30% of overall grade)

 A summative test will be given following the conclusion of each major topic discussed.  Students will be given at least one week’s notice prior to each test.   Students are allowed to have a one page “cheat sheet” for tests.  These sheets will be taken up and given back with the test.  All tests will be promptly graded and sent home for a parent or guardian to sign.  The signature will add 5 points to the test grade.  Students will also be given the option to re-take a test.  The re-take will be given online and must be completed in a timely fashion and only after a proven attempt has been made to relearn the material.  The score on the re-take will then be averaged with the original test score.

Quizzes (approximately 10% of overall grade)

One quiz will be given during the midpoint of each major topic covered.  The quiz will only cover material discussed up to that point in relation to the topic.  Students will normally be notified the day before the quiz.  Each quiz will be worth 30 points.

Homework Quizzes (approximately 20% of overall grade)

Suggested homework will be assigned periodically throughout each chapter.  Answers to all of the suggested homework problems will be provided.  Students will also be given the opportunity to ask questions on any of these problems and an additional day to rework any problems they wish.  A homework quiz will be given two days after any suggested homework is assigned.  It will consist of 2-5 problems related to the suggested homework.  Students are also allowed to use any of the homework problems they worked out as notes for the quiz.  In the event a student is absent on the day of a homework quiz, they may elect to do an alternate homework assignment to take the place of that quiz.  Furthermore, a student may complete the alternate homework assignment to replace the score of one corresponding homework quiz per unit. 

Classwork (approximately 20% of overall grade)

Occasionally students will be asked to complete assignments or activities during class.  These assignments and activities are mandatory and are not part of the suggested homework.  If a student is absent on these days and it was not necessary for the student to be present to participate in the activity, the student will be allowed to complete the work for credit.  Otherwise, the activity will not count against them.

Participation (approximately 10% of overall grade)

Students are required to participate in class every day.  This includes being prepared for class, taking notes, working example problems, and doing their part during group or class activities.  Students will begin each 9 weeks with a 100 in this category.  They will lose 2 points for each time they are deemed to be a non-participant.

Journals (approximately 10% of overall grade)

Throughout the school year, each student will be required to keep a math journal preferably in a composition notebook.  Students will use their journal to reflect on mathematical concepts, work on reasoning skills, and practice state testing questions.  Each journal entry will be worth 5 points.

**A student’s overall grade will be determined by dividing the number of total points earned by the number of total points possible.**



Attendance to every class is required of all students.  However, it is understandable that circumstances arise that may prevent a student from attending class.  In these cases, guidelines will be followed as per the Etowah County Student/Parent Guide.









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