Grading Procedures

Grading Procedures

A student’s grade will be based upon the following assessments:

Projects and Tests

Occasionally students will be asked to complete major projects that exhibit their knowledge of the topics being discussed.  Students may be asked to perform these projects individually or as part of a group and will most often result in the student/students providing a classroom display or presentation.  Instructions, expectations, and due dates will be provided several days before the project is due.  Each project will be worth 50 points.

A summative test will be given following the conclusion of each major topic discussed.  Students will be given at least one week’s notice prior to each test.  The combination of projects and tests covering each chapter will be worth 100 points.  Thus, if a project is given during the discussion of a chapter, then the test will be worth 50 points.  Otherwise, the test will be worth 100 points. 


One quiz will be given during the midpoint of each major topic covered.  The quiz will only cover material discussed up to that point in relation to the topic.  Students will normally be notified the day before the quiz.  Each quiz will be worth 30 points.

Homework & Class Activities

Homework will be assigned periodically throughout each chapter.  Homework is due the following school day after it was assigned.  The point value of each homework assignment will vary depending on the length of the assignment.

There will be many opportunities for each student to participate in class activities.  These activities will give each student a chance to expand on their understanding of concepts through exploration and hands on activities.  During these activities, students may be asked to work in pairs or groups.  The point value of each activity will vary.


Throughout the school year, each student will be required to keep a math journal preferably in a composition notebook.  Students will use their journal to reflect on mathematical concepts.  Journal entries may consist of affective as well as mathematical prompts including how the student feels about a topic, ACT prep questions, selected homework problems or logic and reasoning questions.  It allows them to express their observations, thinking and ideas thus aiding in their understanding of concepts discussed.  Students will be asked to complete approximately one entry per week.  Journals will be checked for content periodically throughout the grading period.  Each journal check will be worth 10 points.


Percentage Each Assessment Has on Calculating the Overall Grade

Projects and Tests: 50%

Homework/Class Activities          25%

Quizzes                                         15%

Journals                                   10%



Attendance to every class is required of all students.  However, it is understandable that circumstances arise that may prevent a student from attending class.  In these cases, guidelines will be followed as per the Etowah County Student/Parent Guide.  As an incentive, students who have no more than 5 absences (excused and unexcused) and no more than 5 tardies (excused and unexcused) per class during a semester and have at least a 75 average may be exempt from taking that semester exam.  Students that are eligible to exempt, but choose to take the exam will not have their grade lowered in the event they do not perform well on the exam. 



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