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SUBJECT: World Geography/Civics
GRADE: 7th


                                                  World Geography

                                                    Textbook: World Geography

1st Nine Weeks- Basic Map Skills/Introduction to Geography/Planet Earth/Climate, Environment, and Resources/The World's People

2nd Nine Weeks- The United States/Canada/Mexico/The British Isles


Textbook: Civics in Practice

1st Nine Weeks- What is Civics?/Foundations of Government/The United States and the Constitution/Rights and 

2nd Nine Weeks- The Legislative Branch/The Executive Branch/The Judicial Branch/State and Local Government/Electing Leaders

 Students will also complete a financial literacy course called “Banzai” during parts of the first and second semester.

We will also do a novel study during the school year on the book, Refugee. Students will be reading this during class and will be given study questions and several test throughout the reading of the novel. 

(Content and its order is subject to change)

Course Description
Students will have a semester of World Geography and a semester of Civics. Both classes will follow the CCRS.

 Grading Procedure

My class assignments are divided into two categories-Daily Work and Test. Students grades can be found at anytime by dividing total points possible into the total points earned for the nine weeks. Ex: 1000 points possible and 850 points earned would equal a 85% in the class. Grades can also be found using the student's login on iNow and is updated constantly throughout the year. 


About Me: My name is Blake Badgett and I have been a teacher and coach at Glencoe Middle since the Fall of 2013. Glencoe awarded me with my first teaching job. While at Glencoe, I have in addition to my teaching duties coached football, basketball, baseball, and softball. I graduated high school in 2007 from Alexandria High and from Jacksonville State University in 2012 where I received my bachelors degree in Social Science Secondary Education. I am currently attending the University of West Alabama pursuing my Masters in Instructional Leadership.