Name: Alison Roberts                            
Subjects: All
Grades: 5th-8th

 I graduated from Auburn University in 1999 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education (grades 1-6).  I completed my Master's Degree from Jacksonville State in 2003 in Collaborative Teaching (grades K-12).  I am Highly Qualified according to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

My first year teaching was in Georgia with 32 second graders!   I came to Glencoe Middle School in 2001 and taught 5th grade Language for nine years.  Seven years ago, I changed positions, and I am now the Resource Teacher.  I enjoy it because I get to work with students in all of our grades and
subject areas.
I love the students and the community in Glencoe and am proud to be a Glencoe Jacket.


1st period, Math/Reading
2nd period, Math/Science
3rd period, Math
4th period, Math
(lunch 11:10-11:40)
5th period, Math/Resource/Social Studies
6th period, Resource/Social Studies

Highly Qualified