Reading Syllabus.docx

Being able to read and comprehend are very important skills in our children's lives.  Throughout our new reading series, READING WONDERS, the students will be adding even more key elements to their reading skills. Along with the skills, they will read many stories from many different genres. 
During reading, we begin each lesson going over the key components. We discuss the essential question which changes with every story. We have a read aloud and vocabulary words that we study, as well. Each of these aspects are on a power point presentation on the wonders website. After we finish defining and discussing the vocabulary words, the students will practice the words in their practice book. Then we usually go over the shared read which introduces the genre while showing the vocabulary words in context. Next, we go over the major comprehension skills associated with the story. These skills are practiced in the practice book also. After we finish going through the skills and vocabulary we will move on and read the main selection. While reading the story we will discuss all aspects we have learned about. I will be asking questions throughout the story and the students will have opportunities to discuss how this story compares to their lives. At the end of each lesson we will take a selection test which checks for story comprehension and vocabulary. Then we take a cold read that checks for comprehension of the skills learned. We will also be implementing handwriting and Spelling practice/tests.