Social Studies
‚ÄčSocial Studies

At Glencoe Middle School we have adopted a new Social Studies series. We are using USA Studies Weekly. This series is a newspaper based resource that goes from Ancient America to the Reconstruction. We also use our older textbooks and Liberty's Legacy Series to supplement this series. The students enjoy the different aspects of learning about History. 

Week 1: World/US Geography
Week 2: US States and Regions
Week 3: American Indian Nations
Week 4: How Did It All Begin
Week 5: Spanish and Portuguese Explorers
Week 6: English and French Explorers
Week 7: Dividing the New World
Week 8: Early English Colonies
Week 9: New England Colonies
Week 10: Middle Colonies
Week 11: Southern Colonies
Week 12: Slavery in the Colonies
Week 13: Mounting Tensions
Week 14: Declaring Independence
Week 15: The Revolutionary War
Week 16: Growing Pains
Week 17: The Constitution
Week 18: Plans for the New Government
Week 19: Government of the People
Week 20: Louisiana Purchase
Week 21: War of 1812
Week 22: Early Westward Expansion
Week 23: Westward Ho!
Week 24: Industry vs. Agriculture
Week 25: Conflicts and Compromises
Week 26: The Civil War
Week 27: The War Continues
Week 28: Reconstruction